Forum Mafia

What is Forum Mafia?

Social deduction game where an uninformed majority Town tries to eliminate an informed minority Scum.


Uninformed Majority

The uninformed majority refers to the good guys. They are "uninformed" because they don't know the alignments of everyone else, and they make up the majority of the players. Any of the following are other names to refer to this faction.

  • Town / Townie / T

  • Village / Villager / V

Informed Majority

The informed minority refers to the bad guys. They are "informed" because, in general, they know the alignments of everyone else. Any of the following are other names to refer to this faction.

  • Mafia

  • Scum / S

  • Wolf / W

Daily Execution

Each day phase, the group of players decide on who to execute as they seek to remove all the bad guys. Each player votes, and the player with the most votes is executed. Game variants may modify the specifics. Any of the following are other names for either the daily execution process or the player chosen.

  • Cuddle

  • Hug

  • Lunch

  • Lynch

  • Yeet

Other Game Terms

AI (Alignment Indicative)

ATE (Appeal To Emotion)

Chainsaw Defense: The act of defending another player by going after their attacker. Often seen as scummy.

DADV (Dead Air Dead Villager): The idea that if scum is a leading wagon, there will be resistance from the rest of the scum team, so a wagon without resistance is likely town.

FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome): It’s when you do some really dumbass and Risky plays to get some really wierd favourable outcome. Only do these if you want to become a meme on these forums

IIoA (Information Instead of Analysis)

IKYK (I Know You Know): similar to WiFoM

ISO (isolation)

JOAT (Jack Of All Trades)

LAMIST (Look At Me I’m So Towny)

LHF (Low Hanging Fruit): easy target for a mislynch because they don’t do much as either alignment

LYLO (Lynch or Lose)

MYLO (Mislynch and Lose)

NAI (Not Alignment Indicative)

OGI (Out of Game Info/Influence)

OMGUS (Oh My God You Suck)

POE (Process Of Elimination)

RT (Reaction Test)

RVS (Random Vote Stage)

SBPC (Sort By Post Count)

SPK (Strong Player Kill or Special Person Kill): kill on a player perceived as good due to meta

SR (Scum Read)

Thunderdome: 2 players with conflicting mech info. Thunderdome is when two people having contradicting mech info, such as two people claiming to be the same unique class

TMI (Too Much Info)

TR (Town Read)

TWTBAW (Too Wolfy To Be A Wolf)

WGG (Wounded Gazelle Gambit): Elim attacking their own under protection to fake attack against Villager

WiFoM (Wine in Front of Me)

WIM (Want It More): dedication to keep on playing the game

Common Slang

NGL = Not Gonna Lie

ORG = Online Reality Game

TL;DR = Too Long; Didn’t Read