Game Overview

Card game of wondrous illustrations for 4 to 6 players. The active player will give a clue describing one of their cards while the other players choose a card from their own hand to best illustrate the clue. The cards are shuffled together and then the players try to find the active player's card among everyone's cards.

Game Play

Active Player

One player is the active player for the current turn. They choose 1 of their 6 cards (telling the host) and make up a clue for it. Then without showing their card, they say their clue to the other players.

The clue can take a variety of forms. It can be made up of one or more words. It can even be a sound (written form for forum play) or group of sounds that represent the clue. The clue can be invented on the spot, or it can take the form of already existing works (a part of a poem or song, a movie title, a proverb, a book quote, etc.).

Example: Dan, Ruby, Chris, Kevin, and Eva begin a game. Dan is the active player for the turn. From the 6 cards in his hand, he choose this card to create a clue for the other players. He says "Alice in Wonderland" because this card reminds him of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Other Players

The other players choose from among their own 6 cards the one which seems to best illustrate the clue given by the active player (telling the host). They do not let the other players know what they've chosen.







Example: Eva has these 6 cards in her hand. She chooses card 3 with the rabbit, which seems to best illustrate Dan's clue. It makes her think of the White Rabbit, an important character in Alice in Wonderland.

Revealing the Cards

After all players have chosen a card, they are shuffled together with the active player's card and then revealed to all the players with a number assigned to each.






Example: Dan, the active player for the turn, shuffled his card together with the ones chosen by the other 4 players. The cards were then revealed with numbers 1 through 5 assigned to them.

Finding the Active Player's Card

The goal of the players is to find the active player's card from among those revealed. Each player except the storyteller secretly votes for the card (telling the host) they think belongs to the active player. Under no circumstances can a player vote for their own card.

Example: Eva knows that of the revealed, number 4 (with the rabbit) isn't Dan's card since it's from her hand. She still has to choose between cards number 1, 2, 3, and 5. After looking, card number 1 most reminds her of Alice in Wonderland. Therefore, she decides to vote for that card.

Revealing the Votes

Once everyone has voted, the votes for each card are revealed. The active player then reveals which card was theirs.

1 ⭐


3 ⭐⭐

4 ⭐


Example: Dan's 4 opponents have voted. The votes are revealed. Eva voted for card number 1, Chris and Ruby for card number 3, and Kevin for card number 4. Dan, the active player, then reveals that card number 3 was his and explains why. Only Chris and Ruby have found his card.


  1. If all players find the active player's card:

  • Active player: 0 points

  • Other players: 2 points

  1. If no players find the active player's card:

  • Active player: 0 points

  • Other players: 2 points

  1. If at least one player, but not all players, have found the active player's card:

  • Active player: 3 points

  • Players who have found the card: 3 points

Each player, other than the active player, wins 1 bonus point for each vote placed on their card.

Example: 2 players have found the active player's card, but not all of them. Therefore, the points are awarded according to option 3.

  • Dan, the active player, scores 3 points.

  • Chris and Ruby, who have found Dan's card, score 3 points each. Chris scores an additional 1 bonus point since his card (card number 1) received a vote.

  • Eva only scores 1 point: the bonus point from Kevin voting for her "White Rabbit" card number 4.

  • Kevin scores no points this turn.

End of Turn

The cards that have been used are discarded. Each player draws a new card from the draw pile (received from host) to refill their hand up to 6 cards. The new active player is the one next in sequence after the last active player. A new turn then starts.

End of the Game

The game ends when one of the players has reached 30 points or when the last card of the draw pile is drawn. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.